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(TOS era) Captain's Log USS Xerxes Stardate 1008.18

Captain's Log
USS Xerxes
Stardate 1008.18

This is a day we have feared for many years. The Klingons have attacked along several fronts. One of those is Organia an otherwise insignificant planet located along a natural invasion route. Coded subspace transmissions from Starfleet Command say that the Enterprise is on its way to meet the Klingons at Organia. The Xerxes is going to do what it does best. We are tasked with crossing Klingon space at its narrowist spit, from the Durandal system, adjacent to the Klingon system H'atoria, to the Archer system in order to reinforce the monitor station there. We will be away from the main thrust of the conflict where, reportedly, as many as a dozen D-7 battlecruisers have crossed the border, but we'll also be alone in Klingon space, in a communications black out, for at least four days. The Xerxes is not the biggest, toughest ship in the fleet, but it is a Fast Penetration Cruiser. It's designed to slip in, defend itself, do the job, and get out. I have nothing but respect for Captain Kirk, but this is a job that the Enterprise wasn't built for. The Xerxes was.

What concerns me, that I haven't shared beyond the command crew, is that Outpost M-Z 5 has gone silent. Outpost M-Z 5 is an unmanned deep space sensor outpost five lightyears from the K'T'inga system, but twenty lightyears from Archer. If the Klingons have destroyed M-Z 5, they're probably be heading towards Archer. If that's the case, we'll be in for a fight, and that is where a heavy cruiser is better suited. My orders are to get to Archer before the Klingons do, if indeed they're headed in that direction. What really makes this a tough prospect is the third part of my orders. The plasma torpedo launchers installed on this ship were put here to take down heavy installations and particularly hard targets. They'll get that opportunity, when we make a beeline for K'T'inga, followed by Beta Lankal, then Beta Thoridor. We'll then exit Klingon space at the Azure nebula. The idea is to put enough of a hurt on the Klingons to make them think twice about a prolonged conflict.

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