Thursday, October 30, 2008

(TOS era) Captain's Log USS Xerxes Stardate 1008.31

Captain's Log
USS Xerxes
Stardate 1008.31

We had just crossed into Klingon territory when all of our controls and equipment suddenly became too hot to handle. Seconds later, we received a transmission, claiming to come from the Organians, that essentially said that the war was over before it started, and that a peace treaty had been imposed. Moments later, we found our equipment returned to normal. We can only assume that both sides have agreed to the terms imposed by the Organians.

Nobody wants a war, particularly the Federation. But I don't take orders from the Organians. My orders say that I am to investigate the Archer system, and the MZ-5 outpost. There is also the close proximity of the K't'inga system. Regardless of what the Organians say, my mission stands. I'm still in a communications blackout that won't be lifted until I return from my mission. If the Klingons are observing the ceas-fire, we'll be in and out quickly. If they aren't, they'll find out just what the Xerxes can do.

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