Saturday, October 4, 2008

Summary of Events Stardate 1008.05

Summary of Events
Stardate 1008.05

USS Guadalcanal is currenty engaged in combat operations against RIS Praex in orbit Oshionion 6. No indication of its destruction, and no communication expected until it completes its mission.

Starbase Lighthouse has been completed in the Durandal system. Admiral Nogulich has assumed command. Her first act was to request a classified meeting with a high ranking member of the Klingon Defense Force in an effort to defuse the current diplomatic stalemate.

Loss of communications with Achilles Class USS Archer, assigned to investigate loss of civilian ship CS Horizon near Gamma Hydra.

Jamming Cruiser USS Richard Nixon (Class ship) launched from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. USS Fox Mulder and USS Dana Scully are currently under construction.

Text of Message Received from Starfleet Monitor Station At Delta Quadrant End of Durandal Wormhole:

Contact established with First Maje Jabin of Kazon Ogla Sect. Humanitarian assistance offered to Kazon has resulted in cordial conversations, and a promise of more in the future. Kazon are suffering from lack of water and natural resources. Pirates are also preying on Kazon ships.

Ambasaador Endara Khan
USS Exeter
Delta Quadrant

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