Saturday, October 18, 2008

Summary of Events Stardate 1008.19

Summary of Events
Stardate 1008.19

TNG Era:
USS Guadalcanal has suspended its investigation of Romulan activity on Oshionian 6 in order to respond to and investigate a directed but non-verbal communication from the USS Exeter. The communique contained the Guadalcanal's classified transponder registry, and was sent from Ocampa.

Starfleet monitor stations report a three Klingon fleets detailed to monitor their side of the neutral zone, matching the assignment of the Federation Fifth fleet. The Fifth fleet is expected on station at Starbase Lighthouse. USS Blalock, assigned to investigate loss of signal from USS Archer is operating under communications blackout, and not expected to report until its return to Federation space.

TOS Era:
Following reports of a Klingon offensive into Federation space, Starfleet is taking steps to pre-empt the Klingon offensive. The Constitution class USS Enterprise has been ordered to Organia in order to secure the right to station protective personnel from the natives, and the Fast (Penetration) Cruiser USS Xerxes has been ordered to cross a remote stretch of Klingon space in a covert mission to reinforce the monitor station on Archer 4.

Moderator's Note:
From now on, the weekly update will summarise activity from more than one era. Note that events in the TOS era include a reference to the TOS episode "Errand of Mercy". This kind of 'brush' with series events may happen from time to time, in oder to allow players to take part in well known events. Starting next week, readers will be encouraged to take part in tactical 'you make the call' exercises. These will not be taken from historical situations, but will be hypothetical exercises whose outcomes will be shaped by reader feedback. Readers will be able to take part in the discussion through the comment option.

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