Wednesday, October 15, 2008


For anyone reading this... just because its been quiet here doesn't mean I've been taking time off. I've been working with the good folks behind the Twelve Trek Days of Christmas to not only include Fantasy Trek in that package, but also to add a few of my other ideas. So packaging the game up now has a December 1st deadline. And as for what 'package' means in this case is a downloadable PDF with at the very least a fairly finalized basic rule set that includes combat rules for all major races and ships in the TNG era as well as exploratory missions. It will contain the planetary classifications and random planetary missions, as well as sector maps downloaded from various websites. The ranking system will be finalized and spelled out. That will also address the ranking system for ground (or boarding party) action.

It will have a quick start guide, as well as text SSD's for all classes of ships. And probably an FAQ. I'm also thinking about including a few sample tactical "You Make The Call!" exercises.

I also put a copy of everything needed for ship-to-ship combat onto the palm pilot. All I didn't (yet) put on there was the ground combat template. But that is real easy to reproduce. The point to that is that I've wanted to able to play Fantasy Trek on the palm pilot for a long time. And if anyone is ihterested, the palm is a Palm m505.

And now, of course, I've got to work fast to catch up things for the weekly update.

What is Fantasy Trek?
More Than Just a Game. It's a Star Trek Experience

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