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Summary of Events Stardate 1008.12

Summary of Events
Stardate 1008.12

USS Guadalcanal reports the destruction of the RIS Praex in orbit Oshionion 6. Captain Murphy reports that he acted in self-defence, and had intended to disable the warbird and board her. His investigation of the Romulan activity in the area will continue.

The frigate IKS dIng'Patlh located the remnants of the CS Horizon in a spatial anomaly inside Klingon space near Gamma Hydra. Spatial stresses had destroyed the craft, but the peculiar properties of the anomaly broadcast internal comm recordings externally. The following recorded conversation is responsible for the diplomatic rift with the Klingons:

Navigator: "... if the Klingons get here first?"

Captain: "... don't worry Sam. Since the Klingons joined the Federation..."

Starbase Lighthouse has been designated the rally point for the Federation Fifth Fleet, set to establish and maintain patrol of neutral zone between Federation and Klingon Empire until crisis is past.

Xerxes Class USS Blalock Fast (Penetration) Cruiser assigned to investigate loss of contact with Achilles Class USS Archer, last assigned to investigate loss of civilian ship CS Horizon near Gamma Hydra.

No further communications from Ambassador Endara Khan on board the USS Exeter since she reported contact with Kazon Ogla leader First Maje Jabin. USS Guadalacanal advised, will monitor Starfleet frequencies but otherwise not interfere without a specific request for assistance or any obvious distress.

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