Saturday, November 1, 2008

Captain's Log USS Archer Stardate 1108.02

Captain's Log
USS Archer
Stardate 1108.02

I remember a movie, from Earth, mid-twentieth century, called "Run Silent, Run Deep", that dramatized submarine warfare in the second world war. I've been reminded of that kind of life, or what I imagine it was like, for the past week. We've been operating very quietly, in an area adjacent to, and sometimes across the Klingon border. The border changes these days, as wolf-packs of Klingon battle cruisers assert their dominance over an area, then become bored, and move along. There have been groups of three Vorcha' Class attack cruisers drifting in and out of our classified area. We might be able to take them. The Archer is an Achilles Class, built to fight the Borg and the Dominion. But our orders are to "monitor the situation", not try to destroy the entire renegade Klingon force. So we watch, and record, and if confronted with an untenable situation, we defend ourselves. But as Admiral Nechayev has reminded me more than once, every shot we fire has the potential to tip the scales and drop us into war. And we're trying to avoid that.

I will note that the captain and crew of the USS Blalock saved our lives in Gamma Hydra. Details are classified, but we would not be here putting up with troublesome Klingons without them. Thanks, team. 

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