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Summary of Events Stardate 1108.13

(Moderator's Note: if you're wondering where I've been, well, that demonstrates the flexibility of playing Fantasy Trek. Real Life has taken over a bit. Work, election silliness, etc... but even so, the storyline keeps going. The schedule on Fantasy Trek is extremely flexible, and the boss very forgiving :)...)

Summary of Events
Stardate 1108.13

TNG Era:

Ambassador Endara Khan notes timely assistance of USS Exeter and USS Guadalcanal in securing more involved negotiations with Kazon Ogla First Maje Jabin regarding cooperation with Federation exploration of Delta Quadrant. Ambassador Khan described the negotiations as 'promising'.

USS Archer reports an increase in Klingon activity in their patrol area. A full strike wing, consisting of  two Negh'Var class dreadoughts, eight Vor'cha class heavy cruisers, sixteen K'Tinga class light cruisers, as well as various support craft was running uncloaked in the general direction of the Lambda Hydrae system, which lies in the neutral zone within the triangle zone. As soon as the strike wing detected the Archer, it cloaked and went to warp. The move is seen as hostile and potentially destabilizing. Captain Beckett reported that the Klingons showed no signs of hostility towards Federation interests. Furthermore, it is unknown if the strike wing belonged to one of the council members on unauthorized manuevers, or was a defense force movement.

TOS Era:

USS Xerxes forced to delay its transition through Klingon space in binary system near Beta Lankal as Klingon task force moved through the area. Its mission remains unchanged, despite imposition of so-called Organian Peace Treaty.

What Are Your Orders, Captain?

(Moderator's Note: There are no predetermined right or wrong answers. The most popular solution will give the players who chose it a "Command College Point". Ten of those equal an experience point. Think of it as a correspondence course while onboard ship. Answer via the 'comment' feature)

Resolution of #2 "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?"

Upon emerging from the chokepoint, the Agamemnon had firing solutions drawn up to target the three attack ships waiting for it. The Galaxy Class ship was able to disable all three ships in moments, and was preparing to warp out of the system when a fourth threat presented itself. A mobile shipyard had apparently been hidden behind a cloaking barrier generated by the three KaVort'cha's. Power level scans showed that it was twelve hours from producing and launching another KaVort'cha. Further, it was estimated that another ship could be produced every twenty-four hours.

Acknowledging that the Agamemnon could not destroy the shipyard by itself, Captain Decker quickly reasoned that they could either:

1) Attempt to board and disable the station with elite 'Hazard Team' forces,  or,

2) Warp out and hope to return with a task force capable of destroying the shipyard and securing the vital Archer system.

Captain Decker led her Hazard Team aboard the shipyard, and despite enormous personal risk, downloaded a classified database containing Klingon fleet movements in the area. Captain Decker's team used a timed explosive device to destroy the shipyard's warp core. The Agamemnon made it safely out of the area without sustaining any injuries. Offensive operations from the Klingon Empire were severely curtailed in the sector.

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