Sunday, November 30, 2008

Deadline Approacheth

I have re-edited the rule set, and as the deadline for completion is December 1st, I don't see it being updated again before the Relaunch, as coordinated with the Twelve Trek Days of Christmas. Exactly when that will kick off, and Fantasy Trek's announcement date as a part of that is to be announced. You can expect a pdf available for download, as well as files that will be automatically sent to new subscribers to the yahoo group. If anyone reading this is curious enough to have a whack, you should join the yahoo group. That's the first step to playing. You won't be under any obligation, and you can leave easily if you change your mind. Emails are not shared, you won't see any spam as a result of signing up. Basically there is nothing to lose and a free gaming experience to gain.

And on another note, I'm looking forward to getting back to actually playing this game again. There's lots going on, and lots to catch up on.

What is Fantasy Trek?
Not Just a Game. It's a Star Trek Experience

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