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Classified Personal Log Ambassador Endara Khan Stardate 1108.09

Classified Personal Log
Ambassador Endara Khan
Ocampa Homeworld
Stardate 1108.09
Access Code **************

An integral part of the diplomatic toolkit is empathy. One must find some way... any way to identify with the parties involved. In this case, the parties involved are the Kazon Ogla and the human species, or rather, the impression that the Kazon Ogla have gotten of humans.

When the USS Voyager found itself thrust into the Delta Quadrant, it also found itself thrust into a diplomatic/Prime Directive quagmire. The Kazon Ogla was exploiting the Ocampa, and would have taken control of the Caretaker array if nobody intervened. Captain Janeway was forced to make a split-second decision, and her decision was that the Caretaker was better destroyed than in Kazon hands. Carrying out that decision made her an enemy of the Kazon. Refusing to share even rudimentary technology with the Kazon only reinforced that standing. The impression that remained with the Kazon was that humans were presumptuous, interfering and aggressive people who asked for concessions but didn't share their technology. What I must do is make it clear to the Kazon why Captain Janeway felt compelled to act the way she did, and why they should deal with us anyway.

The first step, in my opinion, was to find out what their biggest problem with us was. That, as it turns out, was the refusal to share technology. That was regarded as a grave insult that became an obsession for the Kazon, who were locked in a constant struggle to survive. My next step was to offer them rudimentary replication technology that could improve their dire conditions without risking them developing transporter technology. The answer to that was a basic protein resequencer that has no technological connection to the transporter or the replicator.

We discovered the Kazon in a precarious state, reduced to piracy in order to acquire food and water. My first move was to see to their needs, and then to arrange to meet with First Maje Jabin. Our initial assistance was enough to assure that. My promise of twelve protein resequencers earned further meetings. Fortunately, Captain Farrell on the Exeter was able to contact the nearby USS Guadalcanal. The Guadalcanal was able to provide the resequencers.

I know that I am dancing on the edge of the Prime Directive, but I also know that we must find a way of dealing with the Kazon. The fact that the Kazon are aware of transporter and replicator technology (as a result of their dealings with Voyager) means that any cultural contamination through the protein resequencer will be minimal. Further discussions with them are another matter.

My ancestry is Mongolian, and in fact, I am a direct descendent of Genghis Khan. That has always been a point of immense personal pride. Despite his barbarous reputation and fierce temper, Genghis Khan helped to shape the world that led to the United Federation of Planets. And now, as I try to empathize with the Kazon Ogla, I see a parallel with young Temujin as he sought to unify the disparate Mongol tribes under one Khan. The Kazon were once united and strong, and I think that they could be again. And just as a united Mongol nation helped to unify and bring order and prosperity to an ancient world, so could a united Kazon bring some sense of order to the Delta Quadrant, with the Federation as strategic partners. That might sound like a recipe for disaster, but if the Kazon sects are allowed to drift further and further apart, their advanced starfaring technology would eventually end up for sale to the highest bidder. Stability for the quadrant would be much more assured with a strong, united Kazon people.

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