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Summary of Events Stardate 1108.04

Summary of Events
Stardate 1108.04

TNG Era:

No further communications from USS Guadalcanal in its support mission of USS Exeter and Federation Ambassador Endara Khan. At last report it was supporting the diplomatic mission with the Kazon Ogla on the Ocampan homeworld.

USS Frank Houghton reports no further sightings or indication of the Klingon QeylIs Mindu' Assault Fleet. Frank Houghton and Starbase Lighthouse remain on yellow alert status.

Achilles Class USS Archer is on unspecified manuevers near Klingon border. Their orders are to monitor the fluid border area and report any major changes or deployments of Klingon forces. Rules of engagement emphasize their primarily non-combat, reconnaissance role, but authorizes any necessary defensive measures at the captain's discretion.

TOS Era:

USS Xerxes has failed to make contact following imposition of Organian Peace Treaty. Its mission was to establish contact with the Archer system, and to investigate the MZ-5
outpost. While the Klingons appear to be unaware of the specifics of the mission, their diplomatic mission warned that any Federation incursions into Klingon space would be dealt with 'quickly and ruthlessly'. Since the outbreak of hostilities, there has been no contact with the Archer system, which lies just beyond a narrow swath of Klingon territory.

What Are Your Orders, Captain?

(Moderator's Note: There are no predetermined right or wrong answers. The most popular solution will give the players who chose it a "Command College Point". Ten of those equal an experience point. Think of it as a correspondence course while onboard ship. Answer via the 'comment' feature)

Resolution of #1 "Chokepoint":

When the Klingons briefly withdrew from the Khitomer Accords, the Galaxy Class USS Agamemnon was caught in a dangerous situation while on a purely scientific mission in the Archer system. The Agamemnon was investigating a previously uncharted asteroid field, and was in the dense center of the field when it received a challenge from at least three cloaked Klingon vessels of unknown class. The 'challenge' promised to blanket the field with photon torpedoes (resulting in almost certain destruction of the starship) if the Captain didn't surrender immediately.

What complicated the situation was the fact that the Agamemnon was unable to scan with any reliability through or beyond the field, and the only passage out of the field was a narrow chokepoint that would take five minutes to navigate. That was the obvious exit point, and odds are the Klingons knew that.

Once the Agamemnon has cleared the field, it can warp out of the system and try to rejoin friendly forces. In the meantime, it needs to find out what's waiting for it beyond the chokepoint.

Executive Officer Commander Simon Ranier quickly assesses the situation and offers two possible choices:

1) Send an armed shuttle through the chokepoint with an advanced sensor program as the Agamemnon follows closely behind. This will get the ship out of the field quickly, but would put the ship in the middle of an undefined situation.

2) Launch a probe through the chokepoint in order to assess the situation before exposing the ship to attack. The problem with this is that the Agamemnon would have to wait five minutes to see what lies beyond the chokepoint.

Captain Decker decided against risking a shuttle to unknown forces, opting instead to launch a probe. After a nervous five minutes, her caution was rewarded when the probe revealed three KaVort'cha Class attack ships gathered at the entrance to the chokepoint. While Captain Decker took a risk in giving the Klingons time to attack, her decision saved an armed shuttle and crew, and was justified by the discovery that the Klingon force would have had to have redeployed in order to saturate the asteroid field with torpedoes. She also deduced that the Klingons would have expected her to use the shuttle to leave the field as quickly as possible. In taking the opposite approach, she was able to catch the Klingons off guard.

#2 "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?"

Upon emerging from the chokepoint, the Agamemnon had firing solutions drawn up to target the three attack ships waiting for it. The Galaxy Class ship was able to disable all three ships in moments, and was preparing to warp out of the system when a fourth threat presented itself. A mobile shipyard had apparently been hidden behind a cloaking barrier generated by the three KaVort'cha's. Power level scans showed that it was twelve hours from producing and launching another KaVort'cha. Further, it was estimated that another ship could be produced every twenty-four hours.

Acknowledging that the Agamemnon could not destroy the shipyard by itself, Captain Decker quickly reasoned that they could either:

1) Attempt to board and disable the station with elite 'Hazard Team' forces,  or,

2) Warp out and hope to return with a task force capable of destroying the shipyard and securing the vital Archer system.

When you consider these options, keep in mind that the three Kavort'cha's have only been disabled. If your Hazard Team takes too long or fails, the Agamemnon will be in serious trouble. And remember that the shipyard is mobile. If you leave the system unmonitored for too long, you could find that the shipyard has moved on. And of course, you always have the option of deciding on an alternate course of action.

Your mission is to choose (and briefly explain) what you think is the best course of action, or suggest an alternate course of action. What are your orders, Captain?

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