Thursday, November 20, 2008

Closer to Relaunch

And looking forward to getting back to playing.... even if I'm just playing by myself :) I think I've actually finished every item on the checklist... witness said checklist here:

pitch done
overview not necessary
all combat describe done
heavy refine done
light refine done
no combat done
general description done
planet classification done
random missions done
mix done
how they work together done
advancement done
experience points done
multipliers for experience done
description of classes done
variants library done
federation dread/heavy/light/frigate done
klingon dread/heavy/light/frigate done
romulan dread/heavy/light/frigate done
maps (disclaimer) done
quick start guide revise check
Command College/sample done
FAQ revise done

Not necessarily in that order, and nothing's official until December 1st. Soon I'll post the whole thing here, while I try to pretty-up a pdf... which I've never done before. Then post on the  blogsite for download, which I've never done before. Then start to create a java game. Which I've never done before.

What is Fantasy Trek?
Not Just a Game. It's a Star Trek Experience

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