Saturday, January 23, 2010

0110.22 wej'Hom system IKS AbQaff Battle Group Initial entry in wej'Hom system

Upon arrival in the system, initial scans for Romulan warp signatures came up negative. There were also no subspace variations typical of Romulan artificial singularity drives, or the excessive tachyon emissions associated with large cloaked craft. Despite that, I believe that just as the Romulans were interested in wa'Hom and cha'Hom, they will show themselves here. This area is isolated, perfectly located for staging advanced shipyards, like the one we destroyed in cha'Hom. That shipyard was put there for a reason. We also detected a massive asteroid field stretching across an area that could have occupied at least four or five planetary bodies. Detailed scans showed more of the same type of hull material that we found elsewhere in the sector, along with other material as yet unidentified.

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