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DusaQ VeS Chapter 07: Hard Target


As the Ab'Qaff Battle Group enters the rift it is revealed that the series
of explosions in the Tal'Ihnor Gates system has rendered the rift extremely
unstable. There is no guarantee that the ships will survive the journey, but
they have no choice. The ha'dibah who invaded Klingon space will not give
up. They will repair their rift and come back with a vengeance. Push through
the rift.

On the other side of the rift, you discover a starbase and two heavy
cruisers. Energy readings coming from the starbase match those of the device
that was destroyed in the Tal'Ihnor Gates system. Pull the two heavy
cruisers away from the starbase and destroy them. Then swing back and attack
the starbase. Bring down the starbase's shields (10/15 damage), then beam
sufficient boarding parties to overwhelm the base's 20 teams of defenders.
Once you've captured the base, you'll have access to all of the enemy
intelligence and technology, and a base from which to strike.

Assist in the destruction of the two heavy cruisers
Help bring down the Sha'kurian starbase's shields
Command the boarding parties to capture the base
100+ word log

"You must never hesitate to pass through the unknown on the way to victory.
Whatever dangers you may face in the unknown don't compare to the sure and
certain dread of a vengeful enemy with the opportunity and motivation to
rebuild, regroup and come back for you. But once you make it to the enemy's
stronghold, don't destroy potentially valuable resources. Remember that one
piece of enemy intelligence is worth more than a hundred dead enemy
soldiers. And a secure base from which is worth thousands."

Stardate 0110.03 Command candidate Sompek, IKS tIHoy. Tal'Ihnor Gates system

As we began to push through the Sha'kurian rift, sensors showed an
instability in the wormhole-like subspace structure, possibly a result of
the destruction of the invader's device. A quick analysis suggested that
ships passing through the rift could be destroyed. I advised General Kapact.
I was not surprised (though I was pleased) to learn that he had detected the
same thing, and we would not be deterred in our quest. As we passed through,
I could see the other ships, all so much larger than the tIHoy, and knew
that any of them could be destroyed without the glory of battle.

But finally, we were through. The entire fleet made it safely through. Then
we were faced with a truly daunting sight. A massive Sha'kurian starbase,
with two of their heavy cruisers holding station. Through a secure channel,
General Kapact ordered us to draw the heavy cruisers to away from the
protection of their base and destroy them.

KCVC IKS Ab'Qaff rolls:125 25eacho/70d
KFF IKS tIHoy rolls:4 o/d
KCA IKS Stovokor rolls:60 o/d
KCA IKS DuranQo rolls:30 o/d
KCA IKS Temujin rolls:20 o/d
KCL IKS Hammer rolls:8 o/d
KCL IKS Capikus rolls:40 o/d
SCA SRS Chivalry rolls:10 70(Ab'Qaff)o/d
SCA SRS Liege rolls:60 o/d
KCVC IKS Ab'Qaff: damage /25
KFF IKS tIHoy: damage /25
KCA IKS Stovokor: damage /25
KCA IKS DuranQo: damage /25
KCA IKS Temujin: damage /25
KCL IKS Hammer: damage /25
KCL IKS Capikus: damage /25
SCA SRS Chivalry: destroyed
SCA SRS Liege: destroyed

The battle was over almost as quickly as it began. The two heavy cruisers
were destroyed, and we circled the starbase and began to target it. Our
objective: bring down the shields, and flood it with troops to capture the
station. That would not only give us access to a massive store of enemy
intelligence, but also a secure base from which to strike.

IKS Ab'Qaff rolls:100 100o/d
KFF IKS tIHoy rolls:12 10o/d
KCA IKS Stovokor rolls:60 o/60d
KCA IKS DuranQo rolls:50 o/50d
KCA IKS Temujin rolls:40 o/40d
KCL IKS Hammer rolls:8 o/8d
KCL IKS Capikus rolls:16 o/16d
SSB1 rolls:100 0o/100d
IKS Ab'Qaff: damage /25
KFF IKS tIHoy: damage /25
KCA IKS Stovokor: damage /25
KCA IKS DuranQo: damage /25
KCA IKS Temujin: damage /25
KCL IKS Hammer: damage /25
KCL IKS Capikus: damage /25
SSB1: damage 10/15

Sha'kurian Starbase shields down
Fleet drops shields to transport boarding parties (4 boarding parties
each=28 )

IKS Ab'Qaff rolls:50 20o/30d
KFF IKS tIHoy rolls:24 o/24d
KCA IKS Stovokor rolls:60 40o/10/10(tI'Hoy)d
KCA IKS DuranQo rolls:40 30o/10d
KCA IKS Temujin rolls:40 30o/10d
KCL IKS Hammer rolls:40 30o/10d
KCL IKS Capikus rolls:40 30o/10d
SSB1 rolls:200 20(StoVoKor)/180d
IKS Ab'Qaff: damage 10/25
KFF IKS tIHoy: damage 10/25
KCA IKS Stovokor: damage 20/25
KCA IKS DuranQo: damage 10/25
KCA IKS Temujin: damage 10/25
KCL IKS Hammer: damage 10/25
KCL IKS Capikus: damage 10/25
SSB1: damage 10/15

Boarding Parties safely aboard. Fleet shields back up.

The battle to capture the Sha'kurian starbase was savage, and more than a
third of our heroic warriors were lost to the invaders, but our numbers, as
well as our spirit, lifted by the rightness of our cause and the honored
memory of our ancestors carried the day. I was proud to personally lead a
large number of troops capturing the vital engineering section, while
General Kapact led soldiers into the command level. We will now study the
enemy computer core and determine their plans, and our next move.

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