Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stardate 0110.29 Captain Mike Murphy USS Constitution (Constitution Phase Two Class) Starbase Lighthouse Delta

While I am honored to be assigned to command this brand new, prototype Constitution Phase Two Class heavy cruiser, I am saddened to say goodbye to the USS Guadalcanal. That Galaxy Class ship is being assigned to protective duty here at the delta quadrant portal Starbase, designated Lighthouse Delta. That duty is going to be long term as the Federation starts to expand its presence in response to the disappearance of Ambassador Endara Khan while on a long term mission with the Kazon. So while the Guadalcanal is going to be stuck here, Starfleet wants me to take the Constitution on a combination shakedown cruise and general survey. I suppose, also, they would be happy if I learned something about the Romulan Warbird Decius, which seems to have disappeared after its run-in with us months ago.

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