Thursday, January 7, 2010

Stardate 0110.06 IKS Ab'Qaff ChaHom System-Final log entry in the system.

I have finally met the Vulcan courier, named T'kar. I have to say, she made
me uneasy. While she acted as logical and dispassionate as all Vulcans
appear, there was a very sharp edge to her that I couldn't nail down. And,
almost unheard of in a Vulcan, she had startling blue eyes. Maavik's blue
eyes. I would have performed a genetic analysis using her transporter
pattern, but she refused to use the transporter, just as Maavik was known to
do. I would not be surprised to learn that Maavik had continued to move to
the top tier of Vulcan Intelligence, and that if she had children, they
would most likely follow her lead. But that is speculation. In any case, she
has the Vulcan hull fragments, and is already back on course for Vulcan. The
Ab'Qaff battle group has plotted a course for the next system in this
sector, designated wejHom.

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