Sunday, January 31, 2010

Fw: Stardate 0110.29 IKS AbQaff Battle Group wej'Hom system Survey of Planets One and Two

Surface probes directed at the first (of ten) planets in this system showed little of interest. The planet always shows the same side to the sun, and so half is intolerably hot, and half is intolerably cold. There are no valuable resources to be found anywhere within the planets, and I find it doubtful that even a Romulan would find it of interest. Despite that, I left a series of defense satellites in orbit to warn of any intruders. The defense satellites won't offer much of a challenge to a Romulan warbird, but they will give the Romulans something to do while they wait for us to arrive in force.

The second planet proved to be far more worthy attention, rich in many different resources vital to the construction of Klingon hull material and armor. We have established a mining outpost to exploit the planet, and will construct a refinery in the system, along with sufficient defenses.

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