Monday, January 4, 2010

Simple Combat Scenario: Head to Head Sector Conquest

The goal is to conquer and hold all 5 systems.

In order to do this, you must conquer (in order, 1 through 5), and
sufficiently defend all systems while denying your enemy access to those
same systems. Reduce the enemy fleet sufficiently to prevent them from
building a shipyard, and stop/destroy enough enemy convoys to deny random
reinforcements sufficient to threaten your shipyards. You must also attain a
minimum of 13 points (see 'Victory Conditions' below)

System Conquest:
Regardless of whether a system has been taken by enemy forces, you will face
a random-sized enemy fleet upon first arrival in a new system. Roll 1d6 for
size of enemy fleet, then subtract any applicable random fleet disadvantage
(see below). If the size of the enemy fleet is less than the random fleet
disadvantage, then there is no contact. Then use appropriate simple combat
template. All surviving ships retain damage but can move and fight until
destroyed. They can only be repaired by remaining in place for two turns
(subject to random enemy attack each turn-50% chance of random attack.
1d6:1-3=no contact. 4-6=attacked) or by docking at shipyard for one turn
(subject to random enemy attack, same odds as above). The system remains
yours once you've defeated the initial fleet, but if left undefended, any
attempt to conquer it will only be countered by a randomly generated fleet.
You can (and should) choose to leave any combination of ships and/or a
shipyard to defend it.

Open Space:
Enemy convoys will only be encountered in open spaces. Roll for encounter
(1d6:1-3=contact). Then roll 1d6 for enemy escorts. 1-3= 1 CA escort. 4-6= 2
CA escorts. The random fleet disadvantage does not affect this. Random enemy
convoy(s) must be stopped=at least 3/5 freighters destroyed or captured
(5/15 damage and successful boarding party action), escorts destroyed or
disabled (10/15 damage) in 5 volleys or less. Every convoy that is stopped
decreases random enemy fleet size by one. This is the random fleet
disadvantage. For every three freighters captured, your random fleet
disadvantage is reduced by one. You will not encounter convoys in open
spaces when you have conquered both adjacent systems

Shipyards are recommended. They can only be built in systems that you hold
(by destroying an initial assault fleet). Three starships must remain in
system or open space area for three turns to build shipyard. During each
turn 50% chance of random attack. (1d6:1d6:1-3=no contact. 4-6=attack, then
roll 1d6 for size of enemy fleet. If the size of the enemy fleet is less
than the random fleet disadvantage, then there is no contact.) LOS (line of
sight) must be maintained to use or attack shipyard. Shipyard has X75
multiplier. Shipyard can construct replacement ships in 3 turns. While your
fleet can not exceed 6 ships, additional ships built at shipyards do not
count against this total. They cannot fight with full-sized fleets, but can
supplement diminished fleets. The same rule applies to surviving random
reinforcements. Since you must have a minimum of three ships to build a
shipyard, it is recommended that you build at least one shipyard and at
least two reserve ships just in case of unforseen losses. A fleet reduced to
two ships and no shipyard to fall back would have little chance of victory.

If you want to register as a player, notify me through a comment on the
blogsite. I recommend keeping a record of your games played, as they add up
to experience points that enrich your gaming experience.

Victory Conditions/Points-
Shipyards 5 (max)
Fleet size 6 (max)
Reinforcement capacity 6 (max)

You must conquer 5 systems and attain 13+ VC points

Templates (it is recommended that you keep a master copy of these, making
working copies to modify suit your needs):

Klingon fleet vs Federation Fleet
KCA IKS Kandido rolls: o/d
KCA IKS Kurry rolls: o/d
KCA IKS DuranQo rolls: o/d
KCA IKS Ok'ran rolls: o/d
KCA IKS D'Han rolls: o/d
KCA IKS Glommer rolls: o/d
FCA USS Washington rolls: o/d
FCA USS Roosevelt rolls: o/d
FCA USS Cleveland rolls: o/d
FCA USS Detroit rolls: o/d
FCA USS Abraham Lincoln rolls: o/d
FCA USS Guadalcanal rolls: o/d
KCA IKS Kandido damage: /15
KCA IKS Kurry damage: /15
KCA IKS DuranQo damage: /15
KCA IKS Ok'ran damage: /15
KCA IKS D'Han damage: /15
KCA IKS Glommer damage: /15
FCA USS Washington damage: /15
FCA USS Roosevelt damage: /15
FCA USS Cleveland damage: /15
FCA USS Detroit damage: /15
FCA USS Abraham damage: /15
FCA USS Guadalcanal damage: /15

Klingon fleet versus Federation convoy with two escorts

KCA IKS Etlh rolls: o/d
KCA IKS Dk'tagh rolls: o/d
KCA IKS Bertaa rolls: o/d
KCA IKS BortaS rolls: o/d
KCA IKS Chang rolls: o/d
KCA IKS tIQ'etlh rolls: o/d
FCA USS Komack rolls: o/d
FCA USS Nogura rolls: o/d
Fr rolls: o/d
Fr2 rolls: o/d
Fr3 rolls: o/d
Fr4 rolls: o/d
Fr5 rolls: o/d
KCA IKS Etlh damage: /15
KCA IKS Dk'tagh damage: /15
KCA IKS Bertaa damage: /15
KCA IKS BortaS damage: /15
KCA IKS Chang damage: /15
KCA IKS tIQ'etlh damage: /15
FCA USS Komack damage: /15
FCA USS Nogura damage: /15
Fr1 damage: /15
Fr2 damage: /15
Fr3 damage: /15
Fr4 damage: /15
Fr5 damage: /15

Sample First Turn:

Turn 1)
System 1: FCA USS Essex FCA USS Challenger FCA USS Tahir FCA USS Robau FCA
USS Abrahms FCA USS Orci form Fed 1st Fleet (FF1). Contact: 4 KCA's *won
toss. (1209.13) FCA USS Essex FCA USS Challenger FCA USS Tahir FCA USS Robau
KCA IKS Qaw'lu: Klingons destroyed. No damage to FF1.
System 5: KCA IKS Kandido KCA IKS Kurry KCA IKS DuranQo KCA IKS Ok'ran KCA
IKS D'Han KCA IKS Glommer form Klingon 1st Fleet (KF1). Contact: 4 FCA's
*won toss. (1209.13) KCA IKS Kandido KCA IKS Kurry KCA IKS DuranQo KCA IKS
Ok'ran KCA IKS D'Han KCA IKS Glommer vs FCA USS Washington FCA USS Roosevelt
FCA USS Cleveland FCA USS Detroit: Feds destroyed. No damage to KF1.

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