Thursday, September 18, 2008

Captain's Log USS Guadalcanal Stardate 0908.18

Captain's Log
Captain Mike Murphy
USS Guadalcanal
Stardate 0908.18

A Starfleet 'Black Box" was detected in the (binary) Keloda system, approximately 50 lightyears from the Jibalia system. We proceeded at maximum warp, and detected a series of five levels underneath the surface of an otherwise arid, uninhabited planet. Sensor scans were difficult to obtain. We could not get a transporter lock on the black box. We were able to determine, however, that the black box was on the bottom level. Landing party consisted of:

Captain Mike Murphy
Science Officer T'Par
Chief of Security T'Char
CMO Susan Whittaker
Comm Officer Mark Valoran

Each level had an unstable entrance, and despite scans by the science officer, members of the landing party sustained minor injuries. Each level also had a jamming device that our science officer defeated easily.

On the first level, we detected a life reading that turned out to be a mostly incoherent Starfleet officer. The only report we received from him at that time was that no other Starfleet personnel were present. CMO returned to ship with patient. An energy reading we had previously detected was a piece of unknown alien equipment. Our attempt to utilize the device was unsuccessful. Unidentifiable debris found on the level was mildly radioactive. Minimal damage to all members of landing party. We proceeded to the next level.

An EMP device of unknown origin on the second level was easily defused. Communication with ship was lost, but we proceeded without incident to the third level.

On the third level, we discovered a powered transporter pad. Scans attempting to ascertain its origin or any programmed destination were inconclusive. Experimentation (over the objection of science officer) failed to produce results. A uniform of unknown origin was found and retained for further study. We proceeded to the fourth level.

While on the fourth level, we received a transmission from a Klingon claiming to be of pirate Korgath alliegance warning us off. Despite our concerns for the ship in orbit, we chose to ignore the warning and push on. Shortly thereafter, moderate seismic activity resulted in slight injury to the security officer, but we proceeded to what we were certain was the final level.

On the fifth level, we detected traces of unidentifiable DNA. It was scanned and stored for further analysis. Despite a power outtage of unknown origin that disabled all of our equipment and literally plunged the expedition into pitch blackness, the black box was located. Fortunately, the box's internal power supply was still functioning. An emergency homing signal activated, and the landing party beamed back to ship. Analysis of the uniform and DNA, as well as questioning of the starfleet officer will hopefully add to the story that the black box tells us. The Korgath transmission remains a mystery, as there were no other ships in the area, and First Officer Lukara reports that the transmission was not received by the Guadalcanal.

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