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Summary of Events Stardate 0908.29

Summary of Events
Stardate 0908.29

Examination of the data core discovered the USS Guadalcanal in the Keloda system, as well as intel provided by Starfleet Lieutenant Barrow of the USS Copernicus reveals that the Romulans have entered the Delta Quadrant. Lt. Barrow confirmed that the D'deridex Class RIS Praex destroyed the Hawking Class USS Copernicus in an unprovoked attack. The Copernicus had previously tracked the Praex from Jibalia III to Keloda. The Guadalcanal tracked the Praex to Oshionion 6, and is currenty engaged in combat operations. The Copernicus had been assigned to investigate the mystery of Jibalia III.

Construction of Starbase Lighthouse approximately two-thirds complete under supervision of Admiral Nogulich and USS Frank Houghton. Captain Ecklund reports no evidence of the apparent Romulan incursion through the Durandal wormhole. Starfleet Signals Intelligence Branch is scanning the region for evidence of cloaked transit.

IKS TorQwI' and QorDu' Assault Group entered the Durandal wormhole on schedule and has gone on unspecified manuevers.

USS Exeter, carrying Federation Ambassador Endara Khan has not transmitted scheduled progress reports since entering the Delta Quadrant. There is no indication that contact has been established with the Kazon Ogla sect.

Starship USS Archer has been dispatched to investigate disappearance of civilian ship CS Horizon.

Jamming Cruiser USS Richard Nixon (Class ship) launched from Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards. USS Fox Mulder and USS Dana Scully are currently under construction.

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