Sunday, September 14, 2008

Captain's Personal Log USS Frank Houghton Stardate 0908.15

Captain's Personal Log
Captain Walter Ecklund
USS Frank Houghton
Stardate 0908.15

The construction ships Vandalay and Alexander arrived on station this morning and immediately began to assemble prefab pieces of the station. Even at the accelerated rate that these new Doohan Class construction ships work, Starbase Lighthouse won't be operational for another three weeks. In the meantime, Admiral Nogulich will have complete use of every amenity the Frank Houghton has to offer. That will no doubt include meetings with Klingon representatives from the IKS TorQwI and QorDu' Battle Group.

Admiral Nogulich is certainly less obtrusive than the average flag officer. She hasn't interfered with any ship operations, and in fact has used her influence to streamline operations on this assignment. She reportedly even has connections high in the Klingon Defense Force that might come in handy.

There have been an almost unending series of civilian ships passing at extreme sensor range, no doubt having a good look at what's being built here in the Triangle Zone. Some sensor beams were a bit more intrusive than regulations permit, and all offenders were duly warned off. On one hand, this is a unique area of space. The borders that exist here, marked by unmistakable buoys, separate Klingon and Romulan space from ours, but those lines tend to blur from time to time. We are just as likely to see a Korgoth  cruiser as a Klingon privateer or a Romulan sensor trawler. By the letter of the law, they aren't allowed, and we're authorized to employ deadly force to keep them away. But the reality of the situation is a bit different here. All three powers play a game here with 'private' ships. It isn't exactly a state of undeclared war here, and it isn't exactly lawless. But it's close.

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