Friday, September 26, 2008

Captain's Log USS Guadalcanal Stardate 0908.26

Captain's Log
USS Guadalcanal
Stardate 0908.26

Our investigation of the black box has moved forward, but in a direction that makes me long for a problem as simple as as a Korgath cruiser. The black box comes from the missing science ship USS Copernicus (which, coincidentally, had been assigned to investigate the mystery of Jibalia III), and there is evidence in its data core implicating the Romulans in its destruction. Lieutenant Barrow, who was a science officer on the Copernicus, has recovered from minor injuries. He told me that the Copernicus had detected a stream of elevated nuetrinos slowly dispersing along a warp trail that led from Jibalia III to the Keloda system. That was where they were ambushed by a cloaked Romulan warbird. Before they were destroyed, Captain Brown of the Copernicus sent Barrow down to the planet with the black box to make sure that word got out no matter what happened. Barrow found the same levels and equipment that we discovered. We were about to return to the surface when we detected another nuetrino stream leading toward the Oshionian system. It's pretty obvious what we're going to find when we get there.

I know that there's a great deal of political turmoil on Romulus right now, considering that the Senate has been assassinated and Shinzon is dead. I also know that there is an opportunity for war or peace with the Romulans that we  haven't known since the twenty-second century. But I'm not about to let them get away with murder. Nobody really has a claim to this part of space, but that doesn't make it okay to destroy innocent science vessels. I'm also concerned that there really is no way to bring these people to justice, and we can't really throw a shipfull of Romulans into our brig. Just like the Earth-Romulan war of the twenty-two fifties, this situation allows for very little quarter. I've never intentionally set out to hunt out and destroy a ship before. There has always been at least the hope of forcing a surrender and bringing them to some kind of justice. This is like something out of the ancient west of my ancestors, with pioneers sometimes forced to mete out some rough justice. This is a good ship and an experienced crew. I don't doubt that we can take the Romulans. It's just an ugly business that I'm not looking forward to.

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