Saturday, September 27, 2008

Start of Orbital Combat

The USS Guadalcanal entered orbit of Oshionion 6 and, after orbiting a quarter of the planet, was fortunate enough to 'flash-detect' the Warbird Praex while it was still cloaked. A quick volley of phasers and a photon torpedo destroyed two of the Praex's four forward hull platings. The Praex is decloaking and charging its plasma torpedo. Tomorrow the Guadalcanal will have to try get some damage done to the Romulan shields and accelerate out of range before the plasma torpedo is charged. One shot of that can bring down a shield facing.

Lessons learned here involve how to decide initial position in single player games. Rolling the dice to randomize the IP seems to be the answer as always. Using the ten sensor points to 'flash-detect' a cloaked vessel is effective, if you have line of sight and are lucky. Another lesson is more accurately calculating range from ship to ship in orbiit. The Guadalcanal was swinging into a wider, faster orbit on a general course of 045 when it detected the Praex at a bearing of 315. I had a bit of trouble calculating range at that point. It'll be sorted out by the time this battle is complete.

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