Sunday, September 21, 2008

Summary of Events Stardate 0908.22

Summary of Events
Stardate 0908.22

Construction of Starbase Lighthouse approximately one third completed under supervision of Admiral Nogulich and USS Frank Houghton. Despite cooling of diplomatic relations with Klingon Empire, IKS TorQwI' and QorDu' Assault Group arrived on station as per joint access agreement. Scheduled joint military exercises with QorDu' Assault Group cancelled until further notice.

USS Guadalcanal diverted to Keloda system in Delta Quadrant to investigate Federation data core 'black box'. The data core was recovered, along with a crewman from the science ship USS Copernicus, which had lost communications with Starfleet monitor stations on the Delta Quadrant side of the Durandal five days ago.  The crewman, who's identity has not been released, is recovering in the Guadalcanal's medical bay. There is no evidence yet of the fate of the Copernicus.

Romulan Warbird Decius launched two days ago en route to military trials in an undisclosed location.

USS Exeter, carrying Federation Ambassador Endara Khan, entered the Durandal wormhole, and will set course to seek out representatives of the Kazon Ogla sect. She is
authorized to use extraordinary measures to open diplomatic relations.

Fast Penetration Cruiser USS Xerxes launched from Starbase Deep Space Nine on undisclosed orders.

Civilian ship CS Horizon remains missing.

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