Saturday, September 6, 2008

Summary of Events Stardate 0908.06

Construction of Starbase Lighthouse near the Durandal wormhole is finally scheduled to begin following a long series of delays and negotiations with the Klingon Empire, who claim that their warships first explored the system twenty years ago. Under the terms of the agreement, the Klingons will maintain a presence on the station, and Klingon ships will have equal access to regions explored in the Delta Quadrant.

A Federation science ship, the USS Zarkov, is en route to the Durandal wormhole to investigate reports from the USS Guadalcanal of a planet-sized biological computer component in the Jibalia sector of the Delta Quadrant. According the the Guadalcanal's science officer, the C Class planet is in fact a thin shell, covered with a layer of soil, but lined on the interior with biomechanical computer circuitry. She estimates that it is one of perhaps hundreds of similar planet-sized components in a vast network.

In the Jibalia sector, the USS Guadalcanal has begun testing of a combat training facility, working closely with the Klingon warship IKS DuranQo to prepare for  anticipated conflict with the Kazon Ogla sect, which claims territory close by the Jibalia sector. The facility, which uses a combination of holoprojectors and sensor grids to simulate large-scale fleet movements as well as ship-to-ship combat and boarding party action, has been used for training in the Klingon Empire since before the signing of the first Khitomer Accords.

While the Federation prepares for possible conflict with the Kazon Ogla, Ambassador Endara Khan has been dispatched to seek out peaceful relations with the Delta Quadrant residents. The newly commissioned Akira Class USS Exeter will transport the Ambassador to Kazon space and remain on station in a support capacity.

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