Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Multilevel Campaign Conclusion: Stardate 0908.10

The IKS Kor6, IKS Krueg5, IKS Genghis Khan2, IKS Drunken Warrior5, IKS tIQghoB3 attempt capture of Federation Planet at coordinates K,L,M/29. Using the personal combat tables, the combined boarding parties of the Klingon fleet (245 teams)completely overwhelmed the 100 defending teams the planet had.

After I'd completed ten engagements of personal combat, I realized that the battle (from the Federation point of view) was hopeless, and surrendered in order to minimize casualties. The fate of the planet now rests in the hands of the diplomats. And thus ends this campaign. (One more note here. I decided that since it was such an incredibly one-sided battle, there was no real reason to post the combat logs. Just remember, there were five ships rolling five six-sided dice against a single planet rolling five. The planet would have to roll at least a five and the ships would need, at the same time, to each roll just a one in order for the planet to win an engagement. Not quite impossible, but almost.)

During the course of the campaign, I learned about fleet manuevering and engagement. I didn't really address the number of transporters on each ship as I had intended. That's really just because I thought it could complicate the 'basic combat' rules too much. That sounds more something for the advanced combat. While the respawning idea was interesting (especially when the Federation shipyards really started to fall), the administrative work of numbering the 'respawns' got to be a pain after a while, but it's a good idea that I don't plan to stop. What I might do is limit the number of respawns to five. That could add a bit of pressure to both sides.

The next campaign is going to be different. A simple scenario, but taking the game from space-based to planet-bound. Probably five levels, drawn on either an Excel worksheet or on the text-based map. In the meantime, the USS Guadalcanal has earned five experience points, and now has an 'experienced' rating.

That gives the ship access to advanced missions (that's something yet to be determined), as well as the following advantages in combat:

Adavanced combat:
Five opportunities to turn faster, repair a system quicker, apply extra sensor power to detect a cloaked ship, etc

In basic combat:
Five extra shield points. It would then take 10 points of damage to bring down the shields, then 10 more to destroy the ship. This is to reflect the improved performance of the crew, and the resulting advantage in combat.

Ten experience points gives you 'veteran' status. Twenty-five gives you 'elite' status, and fifty gives you 'legendary' status. Rewards obviously go up accordingly.

I'll post something soon on the planetary adventure. Anybody with any comments or questions is encouraged to speak up. You can do that by commenting on the blog post.

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