Saturday, September 13, 2008

Summary of Events Stardate 0908.14

Summary of Events
Stardate 0908.14

Sovereign Class USS Frank Houghton arrived on station at Durandal system to oversee construction of Starbase Lighthouse. Construction ships USS Vandalay and USS Alexander assigned to begin assembly of major structures immediately. IKS TorQwI and QorDu' Battle Group are due on station within 48 hours. Admiral Nogulich, currently residing aboard the Frank Houghton, will assume command of Starbase Lighthouse upon its completion.

USS Zarkov, assigned the investigation of the phemonenon of the planet-sized computer components reported by the USS Guadalcanal at Jibalia III, arrived with Frank Houghton group and entered Durandal wormhole. It is due to arrive in Jibalia sector within 24 hours. The Guadalcanal, having completed lengthy simulated tactical exercises with the IKS DuranQo, will provide whatever support the Zarkov requires over the course of its investigation.

USS Exeter arrived in Durandal sector to pick up Ambassador Endara Khan. It will proceed without delay through the wormhole and into the Jibalia sector. Her mission is to establish diplomatic relations with Kazon Ogla sect. Federation council has authorized Ambassador Khan to consider sharing of limited replicator technology if necessary in order to establish dialogue. Note objections from Klingon diplomatic mission over this authorization.

Civilian ship CS Horizon vanished with all hands while en route to Gamma Hydra sector.

USS Guadalcanal, upon completion of multilevel tactical exercises is awarded five experience points, and attains 'Experienced' rating. Guadalcanal will next take part in planet-bound tactical exercises.

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