Tuesday, March 17, 2009

0309.17 IKS Ab'Qaff, Ab'Qaff Battle Group, Kristak Fleet. Kristak Sector

0309.17  IKS Ab'Qaff, Ab'Qaff Battle Group, Kristak Fleet. Kristak Sector

We entered this uncharted sector, scanning a large system nearby, and five minor systems. Since the sector is uncharted and unclaimed, I am claiming it in the name of the Empire, and designating it the KristaK Sector. The large nearby system will be designated KristaK. I will survey each system and establish outposts throughout.

Log update. We headed straight for one of the minor systems and detected a Romulan Warbird nearby. We may attempt to capture it. The intelligence gathered would be worth the effort. There are also seven planets, two of which seem to be capable of colonizing, an asteroid belt, and a debris field towards the edge of the system. Intelligence reports stated that the Romulans were here, and now we know they are. I anticipate putting this battle group to good use.

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