Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Stardate 0309.24 IKS DuranQo Planet wa'Hom One

(Moderator's Note: Orders: Random Planetary Adventure/Establish Outpost)

Class H Desert
Age: 4-10 billion years
Diameter: 8,000-10,000 km
Location: Hot Zone/Ecosphere/Cold Zone
Surface: Hot and arid, little or no surface water
Atmosphere: May contain heavy gases and metal vapors
Life forms: Drought- and radiation-resistant plants, animal life
Example: Rigel XII, Tau Cygna V

12) An inhabitant of the planet tries to take over your ship.

Our mission to survey and establish an outpost on the first planet in the wa'Hom system has at last given us a chance to do battle on this mission. Scans of the atmosphere revealed heavy gases and trace metal vapors, but sufficient oxygen and nitrogen for us to survive. Knowing this, I expected to find some resilient species to provide a challenge for us. Orbital sensor scans, however, showed no sentient life on the planet, and in fact little vegetation. It turned out, however, that there was indeed hostile life on this world.

I led the first survey team, transporting with ten warriors to a large desert on the northern continent. We were starting to scan microscopic life that mixed with the surface sand when what appeared to be a sandstorm suddenly engulfed us. We attempted to move away from the storm, only to find that it followed us. After numerous attempts to evade the storm, I ordered the team transported back to the ship.

Once on board, we found that the storm had been caught in the transporter beam. It immediately pushed through the bulkheads on a molecular level, according to the science officer. From there it went straight to the the warp engine and computer core. Systems began to go crazy seconds later. The storm, whatever it was, was trying to take over the ship. Fortunately, our scans of the storm revealed much about the strange life that composed the sandstorm including its vulnerability to delta radiation. From that point, it was a simple matter of inoculating the crew to delta radiation, and then bathing every inch of the ship in the deadly substance. The sand-entity was removed as a threat. We then equipped enough torpedoes with sufficient delta radiation to cleanse the planet of the organism. We estimate that the planet will be habitable in a few days, at which time a permanent team will be assigned to fully survey the planet and construct an outpost.

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