Monday, March 23, 2009

Stardate 0309.23 RIS D'Shoanna Nequencia System (Romulan Rite of Statement)

Recording Romulan Rite of Statement
Captain T'Leena
RIS D'Shoannna
Nequencia System

It is my responsibility to recount the string of events that led to the surrender of my vessel and the humiliation of being towed to a neutral starbase by the Federation starship Entebbe. We were patrolling the Lambda Hydrae system within the neutral zone when the Entebbe challenged our right to be there. Ignoring the pest proved difficult, but in the interest of galactic peace, we did not act. Instead, we cloaked and evaded, but the Entebbe continued its interference. We discovered, as others have recently, that Federation ships are now using omni-directional tachyon bursts to detect cloaked ships. With this method, the Entebbe was forcing us to either retreat or decloak and attack. Given the Federation's recent habit of harassing our ships, I chose to teach this one a lesson. I closed to attack range and decloaked. Then I immediately opened fire. We exchanged fire several times, but eventually found ourselves stalemated. With both of our ships damaged and hanging almost dead in space, I ordered every available crew to the transporter. We boarded the Entebbe with the intention of integrating some of their systems into our ship so that we could fly home. We found, however that within the dark and smoke-filled corridors of the Entebbe their crew was desperate to throw us off. They fought like cornered animals, and even used gas to subdue us. Then, to add insult to injury, we were returned to the smoldering ruin of the D'Shoanna, and forced to wait while a Federation mobile shipyard was dispatched to repair the Entebbe. We were then towed to a neutral base before being taken to Nequencia to be formally welcomed under the wings of the Empire. I think that I shall be lucky to be alive this time tomorrow.

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