Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stardate 0309.21 USS Guadalcanal at Oshionian Six

Our investigation of Romulan activity on Oshionian Six has yet to reveal much to solve the mystery of these artificial planets. The Romulans were successful in removing some of the biotechnology that we chose to leave alone on Jibalia Three, but all that they removed was incorporated into their people, and any places where the Romulans damaged the surface of the planet to take the biotech has apparently repaired itself. Since the Decius slipped out of orbit twelve hours ago, we are at least free to bring their victims aboard and see what we can learn from them. On the subject of the Decius, I have to say that I'm troubled by the fact that it is headed towards the last known position of the Exeter, I can't continually stop them. If I spent all of my time chasing them I'd never get anything done. I have advised Captain Farrell of their course, and I'm confident that she can handle them should she need to.

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