Sunday, March 29, 2009

Simple Combat Tourney Round Two

Round Two is Complete. Here is the line-up we started with and the result:

IKS Stovokor vs IKS Temujin*
IKS qajunpaQ* vs IKS Anvil*
USS Guadalcanal* vs USS Resolute*
USS Arizona* vs USS Agamemnon*
RIS D'deridex* vs RIS Shrike*
RIS Honor Blade* vs RIS Romulus*

Round Three

IKS Temujin* vs IKS qajunpaQ*
USS Guadalcanal* vs USS Arizona* 
RIS D'deridex* vs RIS Romulus*

(Ships will retain damage for next round, which will determine the order of combat. The two winners with the least damage will fight in the semi-final, and the third round winner with the most damage will battle the semi-final winner. The last battle will be a heavy combat battle with the retained damage for that last battle calculated by percentage.)

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