Friday, March 13, 2009

Stardate 0309.14 USS Guadalcanal Oshionian Six

The problem presented by the crew of the RIS Decuis has been solved to a degree. The absence of any kind of permanent Federation or Romulan authority in the Delta Quadrant means that we'll have to make decisions as best we can and hope they work until a better solution can be found. Since the wormhole is, for the moment, one-way, and there are no Starbases to take the Romulan crew to, I ordered engineering teams, backed up by Hazard Teams A and B, to board the Romulan vessel and remove its weapons and cloaking system. We also installed field constrictors on their warp nacelles that will limit them to warp one. That should keep them from bothering anyone and keep them from running too far away. It's nowhere near a perfect solution, and the Romulan Commander was spitting mad, but short of marooning them on a planet and destroying their ship, I don't see an alternative that isn't cold-blooded murder. This does very effectively point out the need to establish a bureaucratic authority in this quadrant, and I intend to forward that advice to Starfleet Command as soon as possible.

Once the Decius was completely secured, we scanned the surface of Oshionian Six and found ten Romulan power signatures. Closer examination showed them to be campsites. After determining that there were no Romulans left on the surface, I ordered full survey teams sent to each site.

We found tragedy at each site, as well as another mystery. The Romulan corpses found at each site were mutilated. More precisely, we discovered that the Romulans had incorporated some of the alien biocircuitry (of the same type lining the interior of Jabalia III) into members of their crew. Biocomponents from the alien technology attacked the Romulan cell structure and killed them almost instantly. Closer examination of the campsite logs as well as a thorough examination of the Decius's computer core download revealed that the Romulans were indeed trying to intentionally incorporate the biocircuitry into their soldiers, with the goal of creating genetically engineered cyborgs. Sort of like a home-grown Borg. The Decius's computer made reference to ten other warbirds assigned to the Delta Quadrant on similar missions, and some still in the Alpha Quadrant on related assignments.

Not only are the Romulans launching a major covert operation that stretches from places back home where they're not allowed to the Delta Quadrant. And I'd say they've been here longer than we have. But somehow that isn't the worrying part. How many of these hollow artificial computer-component planets have been scattered across space from Earth to the Delta Quadrant? Despite all that we've explored, there's so much more that we haven't.

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