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Summary of Events Stardate 0309.20

Summary of Events
Stardate 0309.20

TNG Era:

Captain Farrell reports no communication from the Kazon-Oglamar warship approaching Oblissa Three. According to Kazan-Ogla First Maje Jabin, Kazon ships frequently maintain communications silence while approaching uncertain situations.

Captain Murphy reports that landing parties from the USS Guadalcanal are conducting a thorough survey of Oshionian Three in its investigation of Romulan activity in the Delta Quadrant. The Guadalcanal will also return to Jibalia Three to continue its investigation of that artificial planet.

The Romulan Ambassador issued a formal complaint to the Federation Council, stating that a D'deridex Class Warbird was attacked without provocation by a Federation Starbase in the Triangle Zone. There has been no comment by the Federation Council.

The USS Yorktown has been declared lost in Coramonde system following the unsuccessful search performed by the Galaxy Class USS Sternbach. The Sternbach will remain on station while the science ship USS Lily Sloane is enroute to conduct an investigation of the spike in neutrino emissions in the area.

USS Archer and USS Arizona have been dispatched to the Triangle Zone in response to heightened tensions with the Romulan Empire.

TOS Era:

Starfleet Intelligence report large movements of Klingon ships away from the area of the Archer system and towards Romulan Space. The USS Xerxes is still at Archer Four attempting to reinforce the outpost there.

The USS Magellan has abandoned its search for the USS Coramonde after the missing ship's transponder signal was reported to be in a system almost a hundred lightyears away. There is currently no explanation for this occurrence.

ENT Era:

There have been no further communications from, nor reports of the Challenger NX-07 on its mission to circumnavigate Romulan space.

Two Sloane Class light cruisers are due to arrive in less than a week at the site where a Tellarite long-range cargo hauler reported finding hull plating that apparently belonged to the EX-01 Roddenberry science ship, which disappeared on a mission towards the center of the galaxy.

Command College

"What Are Your Orders, Captain?"

(Ent Era) "The Fleeting Phenomenon" Resolution

On the way, however, Challenger's sensors pick up an energy source that Carpenter finds hard to ignore. Waves of subspace displacement are detected, coming from an unidentifiable spot more than a lightyear away. The ship's science officer, Commander Cholena Janeway informs him that despite the obvious power behind it (it is at least a hundred times more powerful than the Challenger's warp drive), the source of the waves are dying and may vanish before another ship can be dispatched. It would take approximately thirty minutes to divert to investigate, but several hours to thoroughly scan. If they do not investigate, the potential scientific loss would be indescribable. Carpenter is concerned, however, that endangering the Kzinti prisoner and corpses would endanger the chance of a peace with them. Should he:

A) Risk the ship and crew (and Kzinti on board) to investigate the fleeting phenomenon, or:

B) Hope that another ship will someday discover another such phenomenon.

Captain Carpenter chose a third course of action, diverting long enough to get a brief scan of the phenomenon without wasting too much time. He transmitted the sensor data to Starfleet Command for further analysis and transferred the Kzinti to authorities at nearby Earth Base Alpha.

(TNG Era) "Dangerous New Worlds"

The USS Agamemnon entered the Coramonde system, investigating the disappearance of the Science Ship USS Lily Sloane. It discovered an object similar to a wormhole that appeared to be in a state of constant flux. Scans are inconclusive, but a probe sent through the anomaly reveals a Federation warp trail on the other side. All indications show that the anomaly is stable and safe to pass through. Based on this, Captain Decker chooses to proceed.

An analysis of star positions fails to show any familiar stars, but the warp trail is now identifiable as belonging to a Constitution Class ship lost almost a hundred years ago in the same area. The USS Coramonde, for which the system was named, vanished without a trace while on a humanitarian mission. While a detailed analysis of the warp trail confirms that it came from a starship of that era, its state of decay is consistent with having been produced within the last month. After sending a communications probe through the anomaly to update Starfleet, Captain Decker orders the conn officer to follow the warp trail, which leads to a nearby star system

They arrive to discover that the Coramonde was pulled down, nearly intact, to the surface of a Class M planet. Life signs are inconclusive, and visual scans show that the ship is on the surface, partially buried in a large desert area.

Captain Decker has more than one mystery on her hands, and all of them could be critical to her crew and mission. Is the anomaly a temporal wormhole that brought the Coramonde ahead in time, or the Agamemnon back in time? What brought the Coramonde down to the planet yet kept it impossibly intact? While realizing that resources could be split, she also feels a sense of urgency and impending danger. Should she:

A) First try to determine if they've traveled back in time,

B) Concentrate first on finding out what happened to the Coramonde, or,

C) Attempt to divide her resources to answer both questions at the same time.

Choose A or B, or C, or a fourth course of action, and write a brief summary.

(Moderator's Note: There are no predetermined right or  wrong answers. Feel free to discuss the challenge with other players. Every player who submits an entry receives a "Command College Point". Ten of those equal an experience point. The most popular choice will determine the next step taken)

Captain's Log

(From last week)
"...our orders are clear..."

5) A being, seemingly consisting of only energy communicates with the crew.

Class E Geoplastic
Age: 0-2 billion years
Diameter: 10,000-15,000 km
Location: Ecosphere
Surface: Molten, high surface temperature
Atmosphere: Hydrogen compounds and reactive gases
Evolution: Cools to become Class F
Life forms: Carbon-cycle
Example: Excalbia

(TNG Era)
USS Crazy Horse Galaxy Class Heavy Cruiser

The Beta Arrangulii Star system was home to nine planets and an advanced culture of nine billion lifeforms until five years ago. At that point, the star began to destabilize, throwing off chunks of solar debris that hit the three inner planets and caused tidal forces to go crazy on the next two. The inhabitants, most of whom were native to the fourth planet, petitioned for Federation membership twenty years ago and were quickly accepted. They were an optimistic, adventurous people who chose not to send candidates to Starfleet, but were scientists easily on a par with the Vulcans.

Unfortunately, the destruction of the two inner planets, as well as a lunar collision on the third wreaked havoc on the idyllic fourth planet, resulting in increased solar radiation and a distinct orbital 'wobble'. On the plus side, it was determined that the fourth planet would still sustain life for another five years. The Federation jumped into action, sending a steady stream of huge evacuation ships to the system. So what could have been a tragedy has turned out to be a very sad but survivable experience for the inhabitants of Beta Arrangulii Four. Six months from now, the planet will be wrecked, and the sun is showing signs of going nova, but the last shipful of refugees will soon arrive at their new home several sectors away. In the meantime, the Crazy Horse has been ordered to do a final survey of the system to triple check that no other planet has any indigenous life. We were surprised by the third planet.

It was Class E, with a molten, high surface temperature and an atmosphere consisting of hydrogen compounds and reactive gases. We didn't expect to find any life, but something hailed us from the surface, with a simple, plaintive message interpreted with difficulty by the universal translator. "Please don't leave me behind." Our sensors quickly traced the sender as a cloud of energetic plasma spread across a large portion of the planet's north pole. Detailed scans showed electrical impulses throughout the cloud that closely resembled the processes that occur in the humanoid brain. Further communication with the creature revealed that it was capable of condensing itself to a space that would fit, with difficulty, in our main cargo bay. We quickly dropped into a low orbit and beamed the creature into our cargo bay. Fortunately, there is a similar planet in the system chosen for the other refugees, and we can redeposit our energy-based friend in a place that will seem familiar to it.

This has been one of those times when our orders are clear and there is no moral conflict. It is not an easy thing to remove a people from their home. We're just lucky the people wanted to be moved

For Next Week:

(Expand the following into a log entry of at least 100 words. Members post answers to the yahoogroup or the 'comment' feature on the blogsite. Lurkers feel free to leave comments on the blogsite)

"...nothing like I remember it..."

Developer's Diary:

I finally combed through the blog archives and I'm working on completely documenting my service record. I had said at one point that I wasn't going to count things before I sent the Guadalcanal into the Delta Quad, but then decided that if I was going to document things I needed to document everything. And going through it all I also got a good look at all the work I'd done, so I figured why not. I'm still going through it all, but the forty-five simple combat engagements put me over the top for "Veteran" status. Once that's all done, I'll add a link for everyone's service record on the blog.

The battle between the D'Soanna and the Entebbe was turning out, after seven rounds, to be such an unbalanced rout that I've taken another look at the Romulan CA. The Romulan Warbird should be a formidable opponent, and now it is. I've added a second plasma torpedo bank, as well as fore and aft photons. I'll restart the match soon and see how it goes.

I've also set up a simple combat tourney between all three sides. Here is the set-up:

Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Perseus
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Stovokor
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS DuranQo
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Temujin
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS qajunpaQ
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS tiQghoB
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Hammer
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Anvil

Heavy cruiser FCA USS Guadalcanal
Heavy cruiser FCA USS Exeter
Heavy cruiser FCA USS Resolute
Heavy cruiser FCA USS Achilles
Heavy cruiser FCA USS Archer
Heavy cruiser FCA USS Arizona
Heavy cruiser FCA USS Crazy Horse
Heavy cruiser FCA USS Agamemnon

Heavy cruiser RCA RIS D'deridex
Heavy cruiser RCA RIS Donatra
Heavy cruiser RCA RIS Shrike
Heavy cruiser RCA RIS Talon
Heavy cruiser RCA RIS Honor Blade
Heavy cruiser RCA RIS D'Shoanna
Heavy cruiser RCA RIS Romulus
Heavy cruiser RCA RIS Romii

Round One:
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Perseus vs Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Stovokor
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS DuranQo vs Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Temujin
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS qajunpaQ vs Heavy cruiser KCA IKS tiQghoB
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Hammer vs Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Anvil

Heavy cruiser FCA USS Guadalcanal vs Heavy cruiser FCA USS Exeter
Heavy cruiser FCA USS Resolute vs Heavy cruiser FCA USS Achilles
Heavy cruiser FCA USS Archer vs Heavy cruiser FCA USS Arizona
Heavy cruiser FCA USS Crazy Horse vs Heavy cruiser FCA USS Agamemnon

Heavy cruiser RCA RIS D'deridex vs Heavy cruiser RCA RIS Donatra
Heavy cruiser RCA RIS Shrike vs Heavy cruiser RCA RIS Talon
Heavy cruiser RCA RIS Honor Blade vs Heavy cruiser RCA RIS D'Shoanna
Heavy cruiser RCA RIS Romulus vs Heavy cruiser RCA RIS Romii

Round Two will take us down to two survivors per team. Round Three will leave one survivor per team. Of the remaining three, the most damaged will sit it out while the other two take each other on. Then it'll come down to the last two. I'm not really a basketball fan, but I have to admit that the big tourney kind of inspired me. And of course, since the big dance wouldn't be the big dance without a wee wager, here's what I've set up:

If your initial pick wins in the end, you win three experience points. If you pick the final winner at the second round, you win one experience point. (If three experience points doesn't sound like much, remember that to earn that in the game, you'd have to play thirty of these simple combat game, and in the whole time I've been playing this game I've only documented forty-five. This tourney just by itself will be twenty. So a long-shot pick like really gives you a good pay off.)

Here are the results of the first round:
Winners and losers:

Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Perseus
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Stovokor*
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS DuranQo
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Temujin*
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS qajunpaQ*
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS tiQghoB
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Hammer
Heavy cruiser KCA IKS Anvil*

So, moving on to Round Two are the StoVoKor, the Temujin, the qajunpaQ, and the Anvil. The Feds go at it next.

I've also modified the Command College setup just a bit. Now, anyone who submits a solution for "What Are Your Orders, Captain?" gets a Command College Point.

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